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Have the pastries and gingerbread houses on the Great British Bake Off been stirring your ambitions of starting a baking business? If so, here is a nifty book that covers the nuts and bolts of what you need to know for starting a UK food business from your kitchen – Cook Wrap Sell by Bruce McMichael.

When I mentally walked myself through the process of starting a baking business to see if the book covered it, I was pleased to discover that every topic which came to mind had at least a paragraph of coverage. Health and safety? Check. Taxes and insurance? Check. Food allergies? Check. Social media? Checkmate.

The book is divided into three parts: starting your food business, running your food business, and sales and marketing. The chapters are logically arranged from inception to marketing the finished product and all the necessary in-between steps.

While the book doesn’t go into extensive detail about things like writing your business plan, it certainly gives you enough information to get you started down the right path. Rest assured that if you follow the guidance given for getting your numbers right, you can stand in front of the Dragons in the Dragons’ Den and avoid hearing Duncan Bannatyne say ‘I’m out.’

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