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One of the main reasons people seek out financial professionals is because money can be so complicated.

A great financial advisor is someone you can trust. A person who can listen and translate what you want and need in your life into actionable plans, and who understands your values and how to align your money with them. It can go beyond being an advisor to what I consider being a confidant.

Financial advisors aren’t traditionally well versed in the emotional and psychological connections to money. But, we are starting to see more and more advisors make their clients’ overall happiness a number one priority.

Brian Portnoy earned his doctorate at the University of Chicago and has worked throughout the financial industry. He’s also the author of two great books: The Investor’s Paradox and The Geometry of Wealth.

Brian’s perspective really resonated with me. He’s not afraid to bring insight from many different disciplines to his work. Brian believes that elements of a joyful life and the financial decisions we make are complementary. Taking both into account, people can find true wealth—what he calls “funded contentment.” This more holistic approach is something I strive toward in my own financial life coaching.

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