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Everyday Entrepreneurs with Ken Horn

Q: Will you take a moment to introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you personally? (0:36)

A: I am new to the book publishing business but have been in the startup community for a good number of years. I?ve worked for different leading agencies for enterprise and business startup. More recently I have started my own nationwide field base program helping people start up on their own and providing them with the right level of advice that they typically need.

Q: What was the inspiration behind writing Everyday Entrepreneurs? (2:47)

A: This book was born out of frustration. We needed more answers to the questions that everyday entrepreneurs have and I wasn?t finding them. That?s when I decided to write Everyday Entrepreneur, to encourage others out there that needed an extra push.

Q: What makes your book different from others regarding the same topic? (4:51)

A: This is a reference book written out of the experience I?ve had over the years working with thousands of people that have taken the leap of starting their own business.

Q: How would you suggest the reader engage with your book? Is this a book you start from the very beginning and work your way forward or is this a book that is more like a resource where they can jump in and out based on what they are looking for? (5:52)

A: It?s pretty light; it?s not a heavy read. My wife is my biggest critic and fan and read it in four hours. I really want people to walk away after reading it, wanting to start their own business. I would hope that once people pick it up, they won?t want to put it down.

Q: Will you give the reader a great explanation of what they are going to get out of this book? (7:03)

A: One of the responsibilities for people like myself is to provide people with enough information to go and start a business but most importantly protect them from the information that they don?t need.

The book starts out with all the things that you need to do before you start a business. Some of the research and characteristics that you might want to develop before you start. We talk about the targets, vision and values of the business.

The second stage refers to the formality of setting your business up. The nitty gritty of the business such as how to create a business plan, what type of business do you want/need and the home and headquarters of your business.

The third stage is all about finance. It gets down to the basics of getting funded, profit and loss, and money management.
The fourth section is about understanding what you are selling and who are you selling it to. I give the reader inexpensive but very effective ways of broadcasting your business proposition, product or service. There are plenty of things we can do to promote or publicizes your business without spending a whole lot of cash.

Q: If the reader could only take away one concept, principle or action item out of your entire book what would you want that to be? (11:17)

A: The fact that this is the information that they need to know right now to launch their business. If you digest this information you will start a successful business for at least 6 to 12 months.

Q: Do you have a favorite quote from your book? (12:48)

A: ?we provide people with the information that they need to know and we protect them from the information that they don?t need to know right now.? ? Ken Horn

Q: Besides your own book is there another book that you would recommend to the readers out there that are looking for that next big paradigm shift? (14:35)

A: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. This has no relation to starting a business but it?s a book that made a particular impact on my life.

Q: How can our listeners get more information on you and Everyday Entrepreneurs? (15:15)

A: If you would like to write to me personally my e-mail address is or visit my website and if you find yourself in the UK come to one of our workshops.

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