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Now for something completely different…compiled by New York advertising agent, creative director, copywriter and author, now residing in London with his wife and two children, Dave Trott wrote this charming 217pp paperback, his fourth book. Intriguingly, it presents some fascinating anecdotes, many of which can be applied to any of the complex scenarios, which confront all of us. Through seven extensive chapters (or ‘parts’), corralled into unusual locations, creative communications, impact, practicality, surprise endeavours, illusions and real-life situations, Mr Trott provides a useful and exemplary road-map of the creative scene. In some ways, the content is potentially and intentionally disruptive. However, with many of the barriers that we have to contend with, politically, socially, morally and other aspects of our lives, not just working, thinking in an alternative manner may be the only way to surmount them. I really enjoyed reading this book and I can tell you that it gave me a different and successful approach for a project on which I was working.

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