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From stump to saloon bar, by Lord Rennard

“Politics rearely featured in school curriculums in the 1970s. Had I been able to study politics at school, then I would have found Lionel Zetter’s ‘Political Campaigning Handbook’ a useful and informative account of how parties fight elections. Since then I have read most of the different parties’ guidebooks for active members about fighting elections. Some years ago, I wrote most of the Liberal Party ones. If I was writing them again now, I would probably refer to Lionel Zetter’s book as a useful guide to the basics if you are a new member of a party and want to get more involved. This book is not a guide to winning elections and it doesn’t pretend to be. But if anyone new to politics decided that they wanted to be a candidate, or just get properly involved, then this book may give them some help.”

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