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How to make money from charts the Marber way, by Judi Bevan

“Many people working in the City today were not even born on 8 January 1975, when Brian Marber called the end of the cataclysmic bear market of the early 1970s. Claiming to be the most widely experienced technical analyst in the world and certainly the oldest, he has now written a witty and entertaining book ? part memoir, part text book ? about how he does it. It is called simply Marber on Markets: how to make money from charts. Marber’s skill, which has won him a band of devoted clients and followers, me included, is painstakingly to plot charts of prices every day and to interpret their patterns. Technical analysis is a religion, he believes, and it requires intense discipline to keep the faith and not be tempted by other factors, especially fundamentals. When Stephen Eckett at Harriman House, the publisher, asked him to write a personal account of his career in technical analysis he jumped at the idea. The result is refreshingly different from any other financial “how to” book I have read. For a start it has a glossary at the front, right after an extract from the Book of Sisylana (try spelling it backwards). Apart from the jokes, some of which are painfully arch, Marber’ book is a useful tool for those who genuinely want to understand charts.”

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