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Is your CV getting you results?

How many times have you applied for a role that could have been written for you, but not got anywhere with your application?

Far too many people meet the job criteria and person specification, but fail to even get to interview stage. While this is an obvious result of a tight job market, it?s also true to say that in many cases, their CV is missing the mark.

The biggest mistake on CVs, according to Mildred Talabi, who has just launched CV Makeover Expert, is a lack of focus. Why? Because ?a generic ?catch-all? type CV ends up catching nothing.?

For jobseekers who have had a variety of jobs (and are in theory qualified for a number of roles), knowing how and where to focus can be the tricky part. Mildred says, ?Often jobseekers come to us after trying ? and failing ? to get a job, despite multiple applications? They know there must be something wrong with their CV but they can?t figure out exactly what. We not only identify the problem, but also provide the remedy with a bespoke CV makeover that tailors the client?s experience, skills and interests to the industry and the types of jobs they want.?

But as well as making sure your CV supports specific career goals and demonstrates your suitability, the presentation must be good. A poor layout is the second biggest mistake, says Mildred. ?With a CV makeover, the first thing we tackle is the layout. Once we?ve transferred the content to the new layout, we generally tackle the easier sections first ? like education and interests & activities ? before moving on to the career history and key skills, significant achievements, and eventually the personal profile section.?

However, before you rush into getting your CV rewritten, Mildred urges some basic caution for peace of mind.

Make sure the company handling your CV is both professional and experienced, with insight into what employers are looking for in your field. Mildred?s team are from recruitment, HR or management, offering what she terms a ?collective perspective? on how to bridge the gap between jobseekers and employers.

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Mildred Talabi is the founder of CV Makeover Expert and the author of 7 Keys to a Winning CV: How to create a CV that gets results. Mildred regularly delivers seminars and workshops on creating winning CVs, cover letters and application forms and writes a weekly blog on career issues and job hunting tips and techniques which you can find on her personal website (

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