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Jim Mellon’s new ‘money fountain’: research into living forever by Julie Blackburn

‘We are on the verge of a lifespan revolution. Life expectancy is going to rise to between 110 and 130 in the next 30 years. This is not science fiction.”

Jim Mellon’s vision may be optimistic but it’s certainly not fanciful. He came to the conclusions he draws in his new book, Juvenescence, after he immersed himself in the subject of longevity research for well over a year.

This included a 7,000-mile road trip around America, visiting scientists at the cutting edge of this research.

He’s not doing it for the money: Mellon’s wealth is estimated at £920m and he’s giving away the profits from the book to help fund further research into anti-ageing.

Mellon’s book offers three possible portfolios and includes a thorough analysis of the companies recommended. The book also covers lifestyle. Common sense tells us that science can’t do it all for us. If we smoke heavily or eat sugar-loaded diets, the chances are we are going to miss out on longevity gains.

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