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Lawrence Gosling’s top financial books

Warren Buffett, ESG and the end of cash: This year’s best Xmas reads

Lawrence Gosling’s top financial books

Stuck on what to buy the financial services professional in your life for Christmas? How about an investment book? Lawrence Gosling picks out his favourites from the titles that have hit our desks this year.

… You might think there have already been too many books about Warren Buffett, but that is probably because too many active fund managers start their presentations with a quote from the great investor.
Rarely does anyone look into how he actually makes money, so it is quite refreshing to read a book that does just that – after all Berkshire Hathaway’s shares topped $300,000 each just before Christmas.

The Deals of Warren Buffett, Volume 1 the first $100m by Glen Arnold, obviously points to the fact there will be more volumes coming. I look forward to them as this is very readable and is a nice balance between analysis and investing lessons – so well worth picking up.

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