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New start-up hints and tips book hits the stands

Entrepreneur-accountant Guy Rigby?s new book From Vision to Exit, which outlines the process of developing a strategy, plans and tactics to help a business succeed, has been published.

The title by the head of entrepreneurial services at accountancy firm Smith & Williamson offers Rigby?s personal insights ? and those of numerous successful entrepreneurs ? on starting and growing a business.

Rigby himself has previously built and sold his own accountancy firm, and served as a director of companies in the IT, property, defence and manufacturing spaces. He recently took part as a judge of the Fast Growth Business Awards, run by sister title Growing Business.

The new book for entrepreneurs shares personal insights of the start-up process, such as:

? Never underestimate the power of the status quo. Inertia means that it can take time (and additional cash) to achieve your vision and goals.

? Consider meaning as well as money. Work towards a ?triple bottom line? ? valuing people, planet and profit.

? Protect your intellectual property. Don?t let someone else take advantage of your innovation, investment and hard work. readers can get a discount of £7 off the cover price of £19.99 by entering the code FVTE2011 if they purchase via the publisher?s website,

Additionally, a free eBook edition of the title is available to anyone who purchases the print version.

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