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Podcast 21: Larry Swedroe on Investing in Retirement

In my final podcast episode of 2018, I’m joined by Larry Swedroe, who has long been one of my favourite authors on investing and financial planning. Larry and I discuss his latest book, Your Complete Guide to a Successful & Secure Retirement, and we focus on the challenges investors face as they approach the end of their careers.

Larry’s book is written for an American audience, but it includes valuable information for investors on both sides of the border. One idea that resonated with me—because I have seen it first-hand—is that people have a tendency to worry more about their investments once they stop adding new money. As Swedroe writes: “Combine the challenge of finding a replacement for work with the increased investment risks … and retirees often begin obsessing about their portfolios. The time they used to spend at work is now spent watching CNBC, reading financial publications and browsing financial sites online.”

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