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Small business: Get rich or die cryin’

The previous books prove one thing, which is that there’s a market for trashy get-rich-quick books that don’t actually tell you anything. But there are rich people in the world, ergo there must be some way of getting rich, right?

Robin Bennett has provided a clear, dry-humoured and informative book that confirms our worst fears. Yes, there is a way to get rich but it involves patience and hard work. Damn it.

If you’re not put off by this prospect then this is well worth taking a look at. It’s UK based so it starts with some immensely practical advice (such as how to register a Ltd company) before going onto thoughts on how to construct a marketing plan, build a client base and get rich slowly. It’s not a book that’s likely to have you whooping with excitement and attacking the world with a can-do attitude. It’s more likely to actually help you build a business.

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