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Spread betting and the foreign exchange markets are areas of finance that have increasingly piqued the interest of traders in recent years. They have both been around for some time, but developments in technology and the improved access private traders have gained to the financial markets in the past decade have made spread betting and forex extremely hot topics right now.
Forex is attractive to traders because it is a large, liquid market. The costs of trading are low, the huge size of the market makes it difficult for it to be affected much by single trades or isolated pieces of news, making trends more durable, and the volatility in forex provides the opportunity for traders to make significant profits. The advantages of spread betting are many, including that it allows traders to get involved in markets at a very low exposure (for example, trading at less than £1 per point).
In this lucid and instructive practical guide, IG Index?s David Jones explains the basics of spread betting, outlines the essentials you need to know to trade the forex exchange market, and shows how you can use spread betting to trade forex. The topic of risk is also covered extensively; Jones explains that it is critical to take risk seriously from the off if you are to trade this market successfully.
In the latter section of the book Jones provides real value for readers, as he develops trading strategies for use in the forex markets. These are approaches that you can put into practice straightaway using spread betting and at a level of risk that suits your own particular circumstances.
If you are a beginner to forex trading this book will provide you with an expert introduction ? helping you to succeed by avoiding the most common pitfalls of this highly volatile but fascinating market.

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