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Steve Ruffley

Steve Ruffley has been involved in the finance industry for nearly 25 years. “If it’s trading, then I’ve done it,” is still one of his favourite sayings.

From risk managing pro traders to running a trading floor Steve has worked with some of the best traders in the business, at the biggest trading firms. He has seen insights to pro trading that few people, even pro traders themselves, ever get to see.

Taking this knowledge Steve traded with one of, in his opinion, the best pro traders he has ever met on the floor. After this experience he went out on his own into the world of retail trading, becoming the chief market strategist for a city broker, where he traded for himself for over a decade.

During this time Steve presented 1000’s of webinars and live trading events. He has wealth of retail trader knowledge. This is when he wrote his last book ‘The Ruff guide to trading’ 2015.

Since this time Steve has push the extremes of his trading mission to trade more size in the shortest time frames he can. Taking the pro level of trading to the retail space. There were good times and bad times, but a few key points remained true. Size of trades, speed, making every pip count made the most money.

People often don’t want to talk about money when trading. It’s almost a dirty word. But that’s why ever single trader trades. To make money. When you have made $5k in a minute or $90k in a day like Steve has, why would you not want to talk about it?

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