Independently minded publishing

– Colin Abrams, CMT,

“Jeremy du Plessis has once again taken Point and Figure charting (P&F) to a new level. He has continued from where his first book (The Definitive Guide…) left off, by showing how pretty much any technical indicator can now be plotted on a P&F chart. This ranges from oscillators, moving averages, price bands/Donchian channels, and now even volume. But with one added benefit – when these traditional indicators are combined with P&F buy/sell signals for confirmation, it increases their effectiveness, resulting in fewer false signals (whipsaws). This in itself is a huge advantage. I particularly like his new breadth indicators that are unique to Point and Figure, which now further increase the effectiveness of P&F charts. Mr du Plessis has taken Point & Figure from a well-respected method of charting prices, and turned it into stand-alone branch of technical analysis.”