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– David Hickson, creator of Sentient Trader – Hurst Trading System (

“JM Hurst’s Cyclic Principles are perhaps the most powerful yet misunderstood concepts about the workings of financial markets in the history of financial trading. Published in the 1970s, Hurst’s work has survived into the 21st century because it is so powerful and effective, but the application of his principles and the practice of his trading methodology have been shrouded in a cloak of arcane mystery. Christopher Grafton has done a great service to the 21st century trader by thoroughly presenting Hurst’s work in a format that replaces the pencil, eraser and chart pad with a computer. Armed with the tools that Grafton includes in the book (and an understanding of how to apply them) the reader will be well placed to start honing their analytical skills and putting this powerful theory to profitable use.”